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Since the last time I posted, we've made live some additional tweaks for mobile styles. Medium sized screens (tablet / phone landscape) should in general handle the ratio of sidebar to content better, and not let the sidebar crowd into the content as much. Comments should also no longer go into one-word-per-line in extreme cases on certain layouts, and should always have a background even if they're so deeply threaded that they start going past the sidebar.

But of course what works in general may not work for your journal! So there's one set of options that's journal-specific.

If you're mostly happy with how things appear, but want to tweak the width at which changes are applied to your journal, go to your journal customize settings > Additional Options, and then look for

"The width at which the layout switches from single column mode (mobile view) to multiple columns if selected (tablet view). "


"The width at which the layout switches to larger screen mode (desktop view) and can afford some extra whitespace. "

Setting a width in the first option will make the biggest difference; the second option should only be minor whitespace tweaks depending on the layout.

Meanwhile, if what you want is to control how you view journals across all of Dreamwidth, there's a different option for that. If you'd like to always view the desktop / big screen version on your mobile phone or tablet, go to your Account Display Settings and check "Turn off mobile view for this device".

That will carry over to all journals you view whether you're logged in or logged out. It's device-specific* so if things work on your phone but not your tablet, or vice versa, you can check or uncheck this setting per-device.

* more accurately, it's browser-specific. If you're using multiple browsers on a device, you'll have to check it for each browser.
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We've read your comments about journals being more difficult to read on tablets and landscape on phones, and we're working on fixing this. It's taking some time because we want to make sure we don't break anything else again in the process but here's what we plan to do:

1) adjust the default size for the switch from one-column to multiple-columns, so that it happens at 3x the width of your sidebar. Right now it's approximately 2x. That should avoid issues where the sidebar overwhelms the content completely on narrow screens

2) this means that medium-sized screens (think most tablets) will go back to the multiple column layouts -- where necessary, we'll work on reducing large whitespace around the edge of the page on medium screens

3) expose the breakpoint size in the wizard, so that you won't have to mess around with layers or implement custom css for your settings

Note: if you've set the undocumented $*desktop_media_query property, that's going to stop working when we do this, but the replacement options in the wizard will have the same effect and will be easier to set.

I'll make another entry with links to the appropriate tab in the wizard once things are ready, for your convenience. Thank you for being so patient!
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Hey so when making the changes to adjust the sidebars, etc, on smaller screens, we added a link to jump to modules below the entries, and then CSS to hide it on larger screens... and then had a facepalm moment when we realized that this wouldn't work if you're using entirely your own CSS, and have unchecked the "use layout's stylesheet" option on the Custom CSS tab of the Customize Options page.

Sooooooo, here's the code snippet to hide it on larger screens, but keep it so you don't have to scroll as much on smaller screens:

        @media only screen and (min-width: 30em) {
            .multiple-columns #module-jump-link { display: none; }

And here's how to hide it completely:

    #module-jump-link { display: none; }

Put either of those in your custom css, depending on which behavior you desire.

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Just a quick update, we've been adjusting the existing styles to make them more mobile friendly. None of this is live on the site yet, but the goal is to have sidebars, etc, go beneath the content on smaller screens, no matter how many columns there are on bigger screens (one, two, or three).

This should be the case for most of our styles, though not all -- some of the styles will require a bit more work than others and will come later.

Biggest changes:

  • "one-column" mode on smaller screens, to avoid sidebars overlapping into your entry content
  • navigation strip to become more flexible so it doesn't break the layout on smaller screens
  • more reasonable appearance on initial load on mobile phones (using <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/> if you're familiar with that)
  • adding a link to jump to the modules below the entries, as per Mobility

Biggest non-change: * barring a few tweaks of whitespace here and there, the appearance on bigger screens and desktops should remain unchanged. I've tested this as thoroughly as I can for each style -- but with how many styles we have, I've only been able to test with the default module configurations (e.g., if the module is in the sidebar by default, I haven't also tested by rearranging the modules so it's in the footer or header).

We don't expect any big changes but once this goes live, we're definitely open for bug reports of unexpected breakage or awkwardness!

There's not been a lot of structural HTML changes (the only change in the HTML is the addition of the meta viewport tag, and the link to jump to modules), so if you have a custom stylesheet we don't expect anything to break. But posting this as an early heads-up of what's coming so it doesn't come as a shock when it does.

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FYI, we just fixed the "Error running style: Died in S2::run_code running EntryPage::print(): Excessive recursion detected and stopped." error which caused the page to stop printing on very deep comment threads.

It's been a big pain, I know. I'm glad to see the last of it.

Have fun.

PS I'd love to have links to threads where it used to be broken but is now fixed. Just to make absolutely sure ;)
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In order to remain as accessible as possible one of Dreamwidth policies is to leave the default or base font size of all its styles and themes be your browser's default. This means that if you have some particular settings we make sure not to override them (but you can always change the font to whatever size you prefer at /customize if you can't or won't change your browser settings).

Unfortunately, we realized some Librarian's Dream themes didn't respect this policy so we removed this setting from them. When this fix goes live it may change the font size of some elements on your journal. If you'd like to go back to the previous setting, simply go to http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/options?group=fonts and set the page base font size to 10.5pt.

Here's the list of themes concerned by this change:

Battle Raven (10pt instead of 10.5pt)
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Strawberry
Deep Forest (also 10pt instead of 10.5pt)
Enchanted Forest
Evergreen Yule
Silent Night

Remember that this is only if this is a theme for Librarian's Dream. Some themes using the same colors have the same name but are for different styles (the Style credit module will tell you which style and theme you're using). Neither these nor other Librarian's Dream themes are concerned by this change.
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Contextual popups should now match the page colors of your chosen site skin and the page colors of your chosen style. This was intended to make sure that they were always readable and that people who picked different styles/skins such as light on dark or low contrast ones could see them comfortably.


1) There's a bug making the color of links the color of links when you hover over them (styles only). I've just fixed that. The fix's in the queue and should go live very soon.

Edit: this fix is live now.

2) On some themes this isn't really ideal, and you might prefer having them mostly unstyled. There's some brainstorming to do to see how we can accommodate everybody's preferences.

Edit: it was decided to switch to entry colors, with page colors as a fallback. This change isn't live yet.

Edit2: This change is live now.

You can still edit the colors by adding some CSS at http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/options?group=customcss:

.ContextualPopup {
background: #fff;
color: #000;

.ContextualPopup a { color: #0000FF; }
.ContextualPopup a:visited { color: #800080; }
.ContextualPopup a:hover { color: #FF00FF; }
.ContextualPopup a:active { color: #FF0000; }
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Warning: this is *not* live, I repeat this is not live but will be when the next push happens so please bookmark this if you need to.

If you display the links to subscribe, track, PM, etc. located in the Profile Module as text instead of the default icons you'll be happy to know that they will now be as precise as the icons are. However, this means that all the related text properties are now obsolete and have been removed from Core2. If you have any of these in your custom layers, you will need to remove them or you'll get errors when compiling:

set text_user_manage_membership = "Membership";
set text_user_trust = "Manage Access";
set text_user_watch = "Manage Subscription";
set text_user_post_entry = "Post";
set text_user_message = "Send Message";
set text_user_track = "Track Entries";
set text_user_memories = "Memories";
set text_user_tell_friend = "Share Journal Link";

And that's it. Over and out.
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Warning: this is *not* live, I repeat this is not live but will be when the next push happens so please bookmark this if you need to.

-- Fixed: contextual popups should now display correctly even if you're beta testing the new JS (which may get out of beta at the same time \o/).
-- Fixed: broken options for background images in a few styles.
-- Fixed: missing background images in a few styles.
-- Changed: extra spacing in entry tags lists and icon keywords lists --between the label and the first item and between list items-- has been removed upon request (this is only in some styles as most didn't have this). If you'd like to have it back, let us know.

There are a few other little things but that'll be covered by the code tour. :)

And that's it. Over and out.
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>> Custom Icons Page:

In addition to the fixes mentioned in this entry in dw_maintenance, a few other minor fixes went live today:
-- Abstractia: text should be consistently placed and aligned now.
-- Database: icons should now look like they do in other parts of the style.
-- Summertime: text should also be consistently aligned now.

>> Contextual Pop-Ups:

Changes to the underlying CSS structure of contextual pop-ups the ever brilliant Fu mentioned in a previous entry mean that pop-ups which used to match your theme colors may no longer do if you're beta testing the new JS. It should be fixed before the beta JS goes Dreamwide.

And that's it. Over and out.
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For those of you on beta, expect some changes to the contextual hover menu styling. The changes are not live yet; this is just so you don't suddenly wake up to find your journals have changed with no explanation.

If you haven't turned on the JS on Journal beta, you won't notice any changes.

If you are on the beta, then you'll notice that the contextual hover menu will look like this:

The changes to appearance are relatively minor: we've spaced things out a bit more and given each link more room to breath; unshrunk the text; made the border less abrupt; increased the icon size.

The bigger change is in behavior, to trigger the menu only when you've hovered over a userhead / icon deliberately, rather than just passed your mouse over, and to get rid of some annoying bugs where the menu would show up when you might not want it / not show up when you did want it. Which isn't precisely relevant to this community, but just so you know!

What is more relevant: if you're interested in styling it further for your own styles, the soon-to-be new markup is under the cut.

The biggest change is that we no longer have an .Inner, and that some of the elements have been reordered.
old vs new markup )
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Warning: this is *not* live, I repeat this is not live but will should be when the next push happens so please bookmark this if you need to.

-- The 'Active Entries' module is still a paid-only module but 'view journals in my own style' users will be able to go to http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/options?group=modules to place it or hide it when they see paid journals. To prevent any confusion we've added notes for all options pertaining to 'only-visible-on-paid-journals' modules (so this one and Search).

-- If you've customized the text that appears before the subject of the sticky entry at http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/options?group=text and kept a blank space at the end, you'll have to remove it as it's going to be added automatically.

(If you have a custom layer, this is text_stickyentry_subject)

-- If you've used a custom Core2 layer to change the text of text_view_recent_tagged, text_screened and text_frozen, same deal.

And that's it. Over and out.
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As one of our users noted, some changes I've made led to missing colons after 'custom access groups' 'location', 'current mood', 'current music', 'crossposts' if you had changed the labels to something else. You can easily reinsert the colons by going to http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/options?group=text.

if you don't know what I'm talking about but would like to here's the long story short )

My sincere apologies for the confusion. It's hard to keep track about what's going live when you've coded it weeks or months before but that's no excuse and I promise I'll try and remember to mention them before they go live to avoid nasty surprises.
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On top of new styles and themes live with the new code push, we have some new options in /customize to play with!

The first is making something we've had a little easier to use - web fonts! They've been settable in layers for a while, but now the option to use them is in the wizard, too, down at the bottom of the Fonts options, no layer editing necessary.

The second is a little more complicated to explain, but something that's been repeatedly requested. Some styles (Practicality, Crisped, Corinthian, Line Up to name a few of them) styled the navstrip CSS using color properties from other parts of the layout. This can be very striking, but there was no way to choose to turn it off if users wanted. That has changed - and now, if you like, you can also customize the navstrip colors for any layout. The options are found at the bottom of the Display options (a little unintuitive, I know, but all the other navstrip options were there). Checking 'Use custom colors on this journal' will show the options for picking colors, which get saved along with all the other layout colors.

Base layouts that used custom navstrip CSS have it turned on by default now, and colors have been grandfathered in to all the old themes that were live at the time of the push, so there won't be any huge changes to how old layouts look, for the most part. New themes won't have these unless the theme designers specifically add them, though.
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I've already asked this question before but never got a clear answer so I'll ask again: it was my understanding that themes were just about colors, fonts and images and, until very recently, there was nothing else in themes.s2 files. However, now we have some themes which change text, presentation options, module positions and maybe even the modules which are displayed and those which are hidden. I simply wanna know if all options are considered themeable because I need guidelines when patching. Besides, I think it would be nice for designers to know that too.
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New Category

We have over 100 new themes this code push! [personal profile] ninetydegrees (who is awesome) has kindly compiled the latest style/theme statistics (It has graphs)

I chose 48 of the newer themes to showcase in our Featured section. There's at least one of every new and recent style that came out. If you want to see all the new themes (counting this code push and the last one), you can find them under the newly-created "New" category.

New Themes

Those hundred-plus themes comprise gorgeous color themes for existing layouts, and four brand-new styles.

Abstractia, Database, and Strata -- all very different styles -- have been receiving a lot of love. (This previous paragraph is just an excuse to show you all screenshots)

  • Ocean-themed (Ocean Floor, Oceanic Trench, Deep Seas):

Abstractia: Ocean Floor theme preview Database: Oceanic Trench theme preview Strata: Deep Seas theme preview

  • Season-themed (Winterborn, Automne, Spring Morning):

Abstractia: Winterborn theme preview Database: Automne theme preview Strata: Spring Morning theme preview

New Layouts

If you're looking for something entirely new, take a look at our four new layouts:

Ciel is a simple theme with gently rounded corners.

Ciel: Cloudy Days theme preview

Corinthian is very clean, with a sidebar that boldly takes up the side of the page.

Corinthian: Bolt theme preview

Librarian's Dream is organized, with a sidebar that goes down the side of each entry.

Librarian's Dream: Grayscale theme preview

Paper Me is gorgeous. Slightly translucent entries rest atop brightly colored backgrounds.

Paper Me: Cheery Rainy Day theme preview

And in case you missed them: Bannering, Hibiscus, Heads Up, For the Bold, Line Up, and Wide Open all came out within the last six months.

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[personal profile] jjhunter suggested a section in a future news post from layout/theme designers about Nifty Things You Can Do Through The Wizard To Personalize Your Style. Anybody got any ideas of what we can do for that? Anybody want to volunteer to compile them?
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Hi Styles people :-)

I've just finished working on Bug 1723 and, pending reviews etc, it will probably appear in a code push soon. It makes a couple of changes to how things in the TagDetails class behave, so I thought I should do a post here and warn you.

Firstly: The use_count variable currently gives the total number of posts on which a tag is used. This will change to the number of posts visible to the current user on which the tag is used. This fixes a privacy issue, whereby somebody without access could see how often the journal owner wrote about that tag in locked posts. Note that for performance reasons, the new value will sometimes be an approximation. It may be accurate or it may underestimate. It should never overestimate.

Secondly: There is a data structure called security_counts, which is not used by any of the DW official styles, and which I suspect nobody actually used because half of it didn't work. Here's how it will work in future:
  • security_counts{"public"} will give the number of public posts on which the tag is used.

  • security_counts{"protected"} will give the number of friends-locked (members-only for comms) posts on which the tag is used, if the current user has access to those posts. If not, it will be undefined.

  • security_counts{"private"} will give the number of private (admin-only for comms) posts on which the tag is used, if the current user has access to those posts. If not, it will be undefined.

  • EDIT TO ADD: security_counts{"group"} will give the number of posts on which the tag is used that are locked to access groups (also called access filters). This will only be visible to the journal owner (admin for comms). If the current user is no the journal owner, it will be undefined.

Note that security_counts{"group"}, which used to exist but frequently gave the wrong value, is deprecated. There is no way to provide this info for access filter groups without thrashing the database.

Also, security_counts{"friends"} is deprecated because it never worked anyway! It has been replaced by security_counts{"protected"}.

I hope that all makes sense; please ask questions if you have them.

EDIT: I realised that we can do security_counts{"group"} properly for journal owners, because we can assume that they can see all groups. There's still no way to work it out for other users without database-thrashing. Unlike before, for those who can see it it will now give the right number ;-)

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I have just realised that at least some of our themes fail quite badly when they are used for posts which have a small or non-square user icon.

I use the EasyRead theme for my friends list and one of my circle uses a one pixel icon. Using EasyRead, his posts always show up with the subject line and his username overlaying one another which is hard to read. [personal profile] rising confirmed that some of the Brittle themes and Dusty Foot also look very odd with that icon. When I asked about this on IRC, [personal profile] azurelunatic mentioned that she has a rectangular icon which also breaks some themes.

I have confirmed that the site scheme and also Zesty work fine with this 1px icon. Haven't checked any others at this point.

I know that virtually everybody I've come across has almost all square full size icons but I really think that we need all themes (if possible!) to cater to differently sized/shaped icons[*].

For themes like EasyRead which collapse in the absence of a full sized icon, this can be fixed fairly simply by wrapping the icons in a 'span' which has width and height attributes set to 100px; icons which are smaller than "full size" will then just be surrounded by blank space to make up the full size.

I'm not sure how this should best be addressed, so I figured I'd post it here. What now?


[*] I do sometimes think that the Dreamwidth Diversity Statement could be reduced to "Edge Cases Matter Too" ;)


Aug. 21st, 2012 09:47 pm
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code )views are in fact not using the all of the same names as LiveJournal. so, it blindly returns whatever string is given. layouts originating on LJ and being ported over to DW can potentially have old code like get_url($e.journal, "friends") and still get http://kunzite.dreamwidth.org/friends which results in a 404 here.

so, the question is, should people know better and update their code or should get_url() have a clause that $view = "read" if $view eq "friends";?


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