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New procedure for reporting problems with styles and small introduction

There's a lot of things going on in styles world. We've got lots of documentation to get up and organized, lots more features to code, and bugs that need to be resolved. With open beta, it's getting harder to keep up with comments, and ensure that we reply to every one (we know there are still some that we haven't replied to, and promise that we're getting to you as soon as possible) so we're ready to start using the Support Board. If you've got a question with how to use the available options in Transmogrified, Negatives, or Core 2 Testing (which will be renamed based on the "Name our Style" votes) or if something isn't displaying correctly for you, please open a Support Request so that a volunteer can help you out, let you know that it's a known issue, or make sure that the issue gets reported into our bug-tracking software.

If you haven't already noted, there's a lot you can do with the Customize Journal Style page, and we're still working on adding more options. You can change the number of entry items that appear on your Recent Entries or Reading pages. If you find different colours easier to read, you can change your colours. If you'd rather have your module (sidebar items) rearranged or removed, you can do that too. You can change the text on some of your links so that they're customized to your personality. And if you have some URLs that you access all the time, you can add them to your "Link List" for easy reference.

One of our big priorities with the Dreamwidth styles is making sure that they're easy to use and that they're standardized so that the instructions for how to make changes is reasonably the same for each style. We are not done; there are going to be a lot more options coming, a lot more documentation coming, and a lot more pretty coming.
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Are there any free styles that allow the use of header images? There are so few free layouts. Are you going to add any to that too?

I've placed header and different background images uses the Core2 tester (it's under styles ALL not featured) but you can also place a header on Transmogrified using this code in the CSS module:

#container {
padding-top: Insert number of picas - px's - you need to move the blog down so you can put the header. Mine is 480px
background-image: url (your url here - keep brackets);
background-scroll: no-scroll;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top center;

If you're using negatives, try the same code and if it *doesn't* work then scroll through [community profile] getting_started because someone else asked for that precise thing and did get an answer, I'm sure.
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