Dec. 4th, 2012

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On top of new styles and themes live with the new code push, we have some new options in /customize to play with!

The first is making something we've had a little easier to use - web fonts! They've been settable in layers for a while, but now the option to use them is in the wizard, too, down at the bottom of the Fonts options, no layer editing necessary.

The second is a little more complicated to explain, but something that's been repeatedly requested. Some styles (Practicality, Crisped, Corinthian, Line Up to name a few of them) styled the navstrip CSS using color properties from other parts of the layout. This can be very striking, but there was no way to choose to turn it off if users wanted. That has changed - and now, if you like, you can also customize the navstrip colors for any layout. The options are found at the bottom of the Display options (a little unintuitive, I know, but all the other navstrip options were there). Checking 'Use custom colors on this journal' will show the options for picking colors, which get saved along with all the other layout colors.

Base layouts that used custom navstrip CSS have it turned on by default now, and colors have been grandfathered in to all the old themes that were live at the time of the push, so there won't be any huge changes to how old layouts look, for the most part. New themes won't have these unless the theme designers specifically add them, though.


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