Jul. 11th, 2014

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Just a quick update, we've been adjusting the existing styles to make them more mobile friendly. None of this is live on the site yet, but the goal is to have sidebars, etc, go beneath the content on smaller screens, no matter how many columns there are on bigger screens (one, two, or three).

This should be the case for most of our styles, though not all -- some of the styles will require a bit more work than others and will come later.

Biggest changes:

  • "one-column" mode on smaller screens, to avoid sidebars overlapping into your entry content
  • navigation strip to become more flexible so it doesn't break the layout on smaller screens
  • more reasonable appearance on initial load on mobile phones (using <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/> if you're familiar with that)
  • adding a link to jump to the modules below the entries, as per Mobility

Biggest non-change: * barring a few tweaks of whitespace here and there, the appearance on bigger screens and desktops should remain unchanged. I've tested this as thoroughly as I can for each style -- but with how many styles we have, I've only been able to test with the default module configurations (e.g., if the module is in the sidebar by default, I haven't also tested by rearranging the modules so it's in the footer or header).

We don't expect any big changes but once this goes live, we're definitely open for bug reports of unexpected breakage or awkwardness!

There's not been a lot of structural HTML changes (the only change in the HTML is the addition of the meta viewport tag, and the link to jump to modules), so if you have a custom stylesheet we don't expect anything to break. But posting this as an early heads-up of what's coming so it doesn't come as a shock when it does.


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