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New Layouts, New Themes, a New Category Called New

New Category

We have over 100 new themes this code push! [personal profile] ninetydegrees (who is awesome) has kindly compiled the latest style/theme statistics (It has graphs)

I chose 48 of the newer themes to showcase in our Featured section. There's at least one of every new and recent style that came out. If you want to see all the new themes (counting this code push and the last one), you can find them under the newly-created "New" category.

New Themes

Those hundred-plus themes comprise gorgeous color themes for existing layouts, and four brand-new styles.

Abstractia, Database, and Strata -- all very different styles -- have been receiving a lot of love. (This previous paragraph is just an excuse to show you all screenshots)

  • Ocean-themed (Ocean Floor, Oceanic Trench, Deep Seas):

Abstractia: Ocean Floor theme preview Database: Oceanic Trench theme preview Strata: Deep Seas theme preview

  • Season-themed (Winterborn, Automne, Spring Morning):

Abstractia: Winterborn theme preview Database: Automne theme preview Strata: Spring Morning theme preview

New Layouts

If you're looking for something entirely new, take a look at our four new layouts:

Ciel is a simple theme with gently rounded corners.

Ciel: Cloudy Days theme preview

Corinthian is very clean, with a sidebar that boldly takes up the side of the page.

Corinthian: Bolt theme preview

Librarian's Dream is organized, with a sidebar that goes down the side of each entry.

Librarian's Dream: Grayscale theme preview

Paper Me is gorgeous. Slightly translucent entries rest atop brightly colored backgrounds.

Paper Me: Cheery Rainy Day theme preview

And in case you missed them: Bannering, Hibiscus, Heads Up, For the Bold, Line Up, and Wide Open all came out within the last six months.

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