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Ninety Degrees (90d) 🌻 ([personal profile] ninetydegrees) wrote in [site community profile] dw_styles2012-12-30 01:26 pm

To Customize Lovers: minor upcoming changes

Warning: this is *not* live, I repeat this is not live but will should be when the next push happens so please bookmark this if you need to.

-- The 'Active Entries' module is still a paid-only module but 'view journals in my own style' users will be able to go to to place it or hide it when they see paid journals. To prevent any confusion we've added notes for all options pertaining to 'only-visible-on-paid-journals' modules (so this one and Search).

-- If you've customized the text that appears before the subject of the sticky entry at and kept a blank space at the end, you'll have to remove it as it's going to be added automatically.

(If you have a custom layer, this is text_stickyentry_subject)

-- If you've used a custom Core2 layer to change the text of text_view_recent_tagged, text_screened and text_frozen, same deal.

And that's it. Over and out.

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