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Re: I'm just...

OK, well, point being, the behavior with Beta turned on was bizarre. Like deliberately pointing at the icon five or six times without moving the mouse away for several seconds each time in order to get the hover menu to show up just once is 1) not the expected, normal behavior even to this day and 2) really annoying and weird (perhaps I didn't describe this behavior adequately in my first reply, either, and if not I really do apologize for that). But I read the post you made recently saying you want us to report any new icon/hover/JS problems happening for those of us in Beta so when I get some more time I'm going to turn it back on and if that behavior persists (and I'm pretty sure it will, at least in Firefox) I'll report it again here and/or to Support (or just tell me where you think is best to let y'all know).

And yeah, definitely concur IE was behaving correctly because I was logged out in IE/Beta is not enabled while logged out (good point! *slaps head*).

ETA: Just turned Beta back on again and viewed in Firefox (but turning it off again until I have time to re-style the hover menu to match its non-Beta appearance) and here's how it went (I should make a video for you, it's that bizarre):

1) Pass One with mouse: hovermenu showed up immediately.
2) Pass Two, Three, Four, Five and Six: no hovermenu, just hovertext (in my case, that's where it says "Sheep go to heaven").
3) Pass Seven: hovermenu showed up, but only when I hit the top-middle of the icon or higher with mouse, which went for Passes Eight, Nine and Ten as well.
4) Passes Ten-Twenty: No hovermenu. Just hovertext.

I'll be glad to turn Beta back on again before I have time to re-style the hovermenu if you want me to for debugging purposes, but otherwise I'd rather just keep it off until I get time to play with it again.

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