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Librarian's Dream : base font size reset to our default for some themes

In order to remain as accessible as possible one of Dreamwidth policies is to leave the default or base font size of all its styles and themes be your browser's default. This means that if you have some particular settings we make sure not to override them (but you can always change the font to whatever size you prefer at /customize if you can't or won't change your browser settings).

Unfortunately, we realized some Librarian's Dream themes didn't respect this policy so we removed this setting from them. When this fix goes live it may change the font size of some elements on your journal. If you'd like to go back to the previous setting, simply go to and set the page base font size to 10.5pt.

Here's the list of themes concerned by this change:

Battle Raven (10pt instead of 10.5pt)
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Strawberry
Deep Forest (also 10pt instead of 10.5pt)
Enchanted Forest
Evergreen Yule
Silent Night

Remember that this is only if this is a theme for Librarian's Dream. Some themes using the same colors have the same name but are for different styles (the Style credit module will tell you which style and theme you're using). Neither these nor other Librarian's Dream themes are concerned by this change.

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