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Mobile styles redux

We've read your comments about journals being more difficult to read on tablets and landscape on phones, and we're working on fixing this. It's taking some time because we want to make sure we don't break anything else again in the process but here's what we plan to do:

1) adjust the default size for the switch from one-column to multiple-columns, so that it happens at 3x the width of your sidebar. Right now it's approximately 2x. That should avoid issues where the sidebar overwhelms the content completely on narrow screens

2) this means that medium-sized screens (think most tablets) will go back to the multiple column layouts -- where necessary, we'll work on reducing large whitespace around the edge of the page on medium screens

3) expose the breakpoint size in the wizard, so that you won't have to mess around with layers or implement custom css for your settings

Note: if you've set the undocumented $*desktop_media_query property, that's going to stop working when we do this, but the replacement options in the wizard will have the same effect and will be easier to set.

I'll make another entry with links to the appropriate tab in the wizard once things are ready, for your convenience. Thank you for being so patient!

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