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afuna ([personal profile] afuna) wrote in [site community profile] dw_styles2009-04-25 05:20 am

Core1 ported styles reading page problems

So in the latest code push, we fixed an issue where the "friends" terminology was still hanging around, and replaced it with "read". This caused the logic on the reading pages of some ported styles to not work right.

The most common manifestation of this is that usernames of entry posters on the readpage and /network disappear, making the page look like your recent entries page.

Quick fix, look for:

$p.view == "friends".

It may show up also in other forms such as $.view == "friends", or also $p.view != "friends", etc)

Replace that with the relevant line below, including parentheses:

($p.view == "read" or $p.view == "network")
($.view == "read" or $.view == "network")
($p.view != "read" and $p.view != "network")

PS. We also fixed a bunch of Transmogrified issues, including putting the most basic wizard options in -- num_items_reading, num_items_recent, use_journalstyle_entry_page- -, and the huge whitespace after every username in a comment. And [personal profile] av8rmike has been awesome at polishing away some rough spots in the Negatives CSS.

As always, we're working on fixing bugs and improving the style system. No new features until we've reached Open Beta (seven days away!), but once we're safely into Open Beta, we can focus on implementing richer features. Custom text modules come to mind (though we're not stopping there)!

ETA If your style has both, make sure that you edit both your layout layer, and your theme layer
ETA: 2010-09-07: added network
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[personal profile] dingsi 2009-04-25 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
I had the same problem, then realized I had to make the changes in the layout layer and the theme layer... (My apologies if I've just said something you already figured out for yourself in the meantime.)
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[personal profile] entrenous88 2009-04-25 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
AHA! That totally worked.

I would totally have missed making the changes in the theme layer if you hadn't said this! For some reason, I thought I had found all the $p.view == "friends" instances, but when your comment made me go back and look at the Mixit install tutorial from thefulcrum which I used in the first place. So I followed the steps I had used to cut/paste the style/theme in that example, clicked on print_custom_stylesheet(), and ended up finding more of instances of $p.view == "friends" to change to $p.view == "read".

Just replicating what I did here in case it helps anyone else.

Who knows? Well, probably a large number of people other than me know. But anyway, it works now! *\o/*