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If you're looking for a chance to exercise your CSS skills, Dreamwidth is looking for your themes! We are soliciting official themes for Tabula Rasa. This round of solicitation is aimed at designers and developers who are comfortable with CSS; you don't need to know S2 to participate.
  • To get in the creating head-space, there's a post by [personal profile] nova about Visual Design for Styles with tips and guidelines.

  • Your CSS must work with the "Tabula Rasa" layout. Select the layout from the "All" category on the Select Journal Style page (or apply it from this direct link). You can either choose to inherit the included stylesheet designed by [personal profile] branchandroot and [personal profile] dani_the_girl or use it to get ideas. And of course, if you want to design your stylesheet from scratch, you should absolutely do that! You can customize your style's CSS on the Customize Journal Style -- Customize CSS page. By default, the "Use layout's stylesheet(s)" checkbox will be selected; if you would prefer to design from scratch, deselect the checkbox. You can put CSS into the embedded CSS box, but if you're making your stylesheet available for others to test, you will want to find somewhere to host your CSS file externally so that you can correct bug-reports for everyone at once.

  • The "Tabula Rasa" layout is designed to be completely customizable by CSS. There are a lot of classes used to control elements, and a number of classes that can be left unused. We have started a guide on S2 CSS, where you can find listings of the main elements and classes for each view. Feel free to help out with documentation as you go.

Have fun and play with your CSS! We're very excited to see what people come up with. Keep an eye on the new [site community profile] dreamscapes community, because that's where more information will be posted, and users will be able to share and test styles. Thanks very much to [personal profile] branchandroot, [personal profile] dani_the_girl, and [personal profile] gossymer for organizing this community. Check out their first post: Introduction to Dreamscapes, and ask your questions there!


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