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fu ([personal profile] fu) wrote in [site community profile] dw_styles2014-07-14 02:33 pm

link to jump to modules

Hey so when making the changes to adjust the sidebars, etc, on smaller screens, we added a link to jump to modules below the entries, and then CSS to hide it on larger screens... and then had a facepalm moment when we realized that this wouldn't work if you're using entirely your own CSS, and have unchecked the "use layout's stylesheet" option on the Custom CSS tab of the Customize Options page.

Sooooooo, here's the code snippet to hide it on larger screens, but keep it so you don't have to scroll as much on smaller screens:

        @media only screen and (min-width: 30em) {
            .multiple-columns #module-jump-link { display: none; }

And here's how to hide it completely:

    #module-jump-link { display: none; }

Put either of those in your custom css, depending on which behavior you desire.