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Live changes: colons in metadata labels

As one of our users noted, some changes I've made led to missing colons after 'custom access groups' 'location', 'current mood', 'current music', 'crossposts' if you had changed the labels to something else. You can easily reinsert the colons by going to

The colons used to be hardcoded so you couldn't remove them or replace them with something else; all labels are now fully customizable and you can remove the colon if you wish to or blank the fields completely to remove labels and not have lonely colons. (like you've always been able to do for the 'tags:' label).

My sincere apologies for the confusion. It's hard to keep track about what's going live when you've coded it weeks or months before but that's no excuse and I promise I'll try and remember to mention them before they go live to avoid nasty surprises.