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As one of our users noted, some changes I've made led to missing colons after 'custom access groups' 'location', 'current mood', 'current music', 'crossposts' if you had changed the labels to something else. You can easily reinsert the colons by going to

if you don't know what I'm talking about but would like to here's the long story short )

My sincere apologies for the confusion. It's hard to keep track about what's going live when you've coded it weeks or months before but that's no excuse and I promise I'll try and remember to mention them before they go live to avoid nasty surprises.
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Hi Styles people :-)

I've just finished working on Bug 1723 and, pending reviews etc, it will probably appear in a code push soon. It makes a couple of changes to how things in the TagDetails class behave, so I thought I should do a post here and warn you.

Firstly: The use_count variable currently gives the total number of posts on which a tag is used. This will change to the number of posts visible to the current user on which the tag is used. This fixes a privacy issue, whereby somebody without access could see how often the journal owner wrote about that tag in locked posts. Note that for performance reasons, the new value will sometimes be an approximation. It may be accurate or it may underestimate. It should never overestimate.

Secondly: There is a data structure called security_counts, which is not used by any of the DW official styles, and which I suspect nobody actually used because half of it didn't work. Here's how it will work in future:
  • security_counts{"public"} will give the number of public posts on which the tag is used.

  • security_counts{"protected"} will give the number of friends-locked (members-only for comms) posts on which the tag is used, if the current user has access to those posts. If not, it will be undefined.

  • security_counts{"private"} will give the number of private (admin-only for comms) posts on which the tag is used, if the current user has access to those posts. If not, it will be undefined.

  • EDIT TO ADD: security_counts{"group"} will give the number of posts on which the tag is used that are locked to access groups (also called access filters). This will only be visible to the journal owner (admin for comms). If the current user is no the journal owner, it will be undefined.

Note that security_counts{"group"}, which used to exist but frequently gave the wrong value, is deprecated. There is no way to provide this info for access filter groups without thrashing the database.

Also, security_counts{"friends"} is deprecated because it never worked anyway! It has been replaced by security_counts{"protected"}.

I hope that all makes sense; please ask questions if you have them.

EDIT: I realised that we can do security_counts{"group"} properly for journal owners, because we can assume that they can see all groups. There's still no way to work it out for other users without database-thrashing. Unlike before, for those who can see it it will now give the right number ;-)

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There are a couple of important style happenings that could affect people who make their own custom styles; remember that if you end up having problems with your style, you are always free to ask for help here or in [community profile] style_system. We are more than happy to assist you!

External Stylesheets

So, we've flipped the property to make style sheets load externally by default (external_stylesheet). This is actually going to be great for styles--it means that instead of putting the CSS in the HTML page on every single page load, increasing load times, browsers will be able to cache the externally linked CSS! It does mean, though, that if you have manually overwritten the print_default_stylesheet function, you might end up with some problems--to solve them, take away any <style> tags you may be printing out, as the system will add any necessary ones inline.

Comment titles now use heading elements

Comment titles now use heading elements--this allows people with screenreaders to jump by a certain element level, which increases accessibility. We've updated the CSS for official styles for this (let us know if anyone finds anything amiss), but you might have to add extra CSS for any custom styles.

And now, on to the fun stuff!

There are a LOT of new themes, thanks to [personal profile] timeasmymeasure, [personal profile] dancing_serpent, [personal profile] busaikko, and [personal profile] sarken. Layouts with new color themes include: Drifting, Bases, Negatives, Skittlish Dreams, Nouveau Oleanders, Modular, Blanket, and Brittle. Other fun changes include:

  • Sunday morning now has one column and two-columns right layouts. ([personal profile] ninetydegrees)
  • Transmogrified now has a two-columns-left layout. ([personal profile] ninetydegrees)
  • More official styles support the placement of icons to the right or left side of entries now. ([personal profile] ninetydegrees)
  • More official styles also support placing metadata at the top or bottom of the entry. ([personal profile] ninetydegrees)
  • There's a new journal search module! If you're a paid user (or can search the journal you are viewing), and are viewing a style that includes the search module, you can use it to search the journal! ([personal profile] foxfirefey, [personal profile] ninetydegrees, [personal profile] fu)
  • You can now use community icons instead of the poster's icon on your reading page for community posts ([personal profile] kareila and [personal profile] fu)
Other changes and fixes )

This was a huge update, so if I missed anything or missed giving credit, please let me know!

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A quick heads-up: We're about to adjust font sizes for some layouts.

We've been trying to make our layouts as accessible as possible, out-of-the-box. Too-small font sizes can cause issues for some viewers -- for users with low vision, or users using large screens with higher resolutions, for example -- so we'd like to make sure all our layouts respect the viewer's desired font size, rather than overriding their preferences.

We were able to do this for the majority of layouts, but we weren't always able to catch this especially with the earlier layouts. So we're going to fix this for the five remaining affected layouts: Bases, Blanket, Funky Circles, Sunday Morning, Transmogrified.

So what's going to change?

If you're using one of the layouts above, the font size for entries, etc, will likely become larger. We've tried to adjust the other font sizes (entry titles, journal titles), so that these are not super-huge in comparison to before, but some will likely also be larger than before.

If you're using one of the layouts above, but you have your own highly-customized styleseheet, and have the "use layout's stylesheet" option unchecked, then you won't see any difference at all.

ETA: If you've changed the font size, but not the font unit, you'll likely find that you have gigantic text. If that happens, you can switch your font size to 1em, or switch your font unit to px or pt, and then adjust to taste from there. You can also switch back to the old font size and units, as described below.

For reference, I'm noting all the font sizes that have changed below the cut. There are also instructions at the very bottom if you'd like to change back to the old (current) font size settings.

comparison of old to new font sizes )
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Although I don't know exactly when the next code push is occurring, I hear it'll be sometime soon and fairly large in scale. The number of things changing that affect journal styles shouldn't be that many. Here's as many as I could find:

Read more... )

New Tabula Rasa-based themes!
Basic Boxes Green
Boxes and Borders Gray
ColorSide Nadeshiko
Modish Scarlet
Stepping Stones Purple

I think that's everything. As always, if I'm forgotten something, or if you have questions, please comment.
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Since it's been quiet around here lately, [personal profile] afuna asked me to look through the change log and compile a list of bug fixes since the last major code push. As [staff profile] mark posted, there will be a major code push tonight, which should include all of these styles-related issues:

Read more... )

A few other Styles-related news items: We're still soliciting themes for Tabula Rasa to be added as official Dreamwidth styles. Directions are in the linked post. Interested in creating a theme, but don't have a reliable method to test your code, or just don't want to mess about with test journals? The Styles team is working on a "style kit", a downloadable set of pages to which you can apply your stylesheet locally, rather than needing to constantly refresh your browser window. You can read more about it here!

[personal profile] qilin has posted this wonderful guide to filtering certain posts on your Reading page through pure CSS classes. Check it out!

If people are looking for other ways to help out, [personal profile] foxfirefey is looking for some volunteers to work on Styles documentation for the DW wiki.
EDIT: Forgot the link!

That should be all for now, but if I've forgotten anything or you have any questions, please leave a comment!


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