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I'm currently going through all layouts to see which ones have (potential) issues concerning non-default page layouts and module positions in Customize and I would appreciate some help because DW has 23 layouts and this is long and tedious and not really fun. :) To explain what I mean let me give you an example: in Bases, the Navigation module is always displayed in the header even when set to something else or to none. In Basic Boxes, the Navigation module is displayed incorrectly in Firefox when set to Group Two and the layout's two columns. See what I mean? I'm also interested in any possible improvements concerning page layouts and module positioning. For example, in Brittle, module settings are named Group One and Group Two in Customize which could be renamed to Sidebar/Footer for better clarity. Two-column-left may be easily implementable for this layout as well.

So it would be great if you could pick one or two layouts and test the options in Customize and report what you noticed (and what I missed!) here.

Here's what I've got so far )
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Since it's been quiet around here lately, [personal profile] afuna asked me to look through the change log and compile a list of bug fixes since the last major code push. As [staff profile] mark posted, there will be a major code push tonight, which should include all of these styles-related issues:

Read more... )

A few other Styles-related news items: We're still soliciting themes for Tabula Rasa to be added as official Dreamwidth styles. Directions are in the linked post. Interested in creating a theme, but don't have a reliable method to test your code, or just don't want to mess about with test journals? The Styles team is working on a "style kit", a downloadable set of pages to which you can apply your stylesheet locally, rather than needing to constantly refresh your browser window. You can read more about it here!

[personal profile] qilin has posted this wonderful guide to filtering certain posts on your Reading page through pure CSS classes. Check it out!

If people are looking for other ways to help out, [personal profile] foxfirefey is looking for some volunteers to work on Styles documentation for the DW wiki.
EDIT: Forgot the link!

That should be all for now, but if I've forgotten anything or you have any questions, please leave a comment!
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Very soon*, there will be a stable** version of Core2 available on Dreamwidth. Which is totally awesome (*sends lots of cookies to the styles team*) and means that people can start customizing their journals more! also means that we can start the process of documenting, so people know what's customizable and how to do it. Some of the things I'm planning are on a "would be nice eventually but not priority" list, but some of the things ... need to be done as soon as possible.***

Specifically, and pretty much in order of priority, we want to have:

1) CSS documentation (what classes are available in core2 / system styles)

2) Properties, aka the things that can be set through the wizard

3) Functions, part the first: Core2 functions that are specifically designed to be overridable by style writers

In all cases, these will have descriptions along with each item: not just listing what exists, but describing what it does.

If you would like to help, please comment to this post with:

* your name
* your email (or a way to contact you)
* which of the three area(s) you are comfortable with.

You don't need to know everything, I promise! (Styles docwork, like a lot of the rest of Dreamwidth, operates under the principle that a bunch of people working on a project is kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle; you have one piece, someone else has the one next to it, and so on.) It's fine to list more than one (especially since probably anyone who can figure out functions can also figure out properties) or to list all three or to only list one. Mainly, I don't want to have a CSS-only person working on raw S2 code (or, y'know, end up with someone who can translate S2 but doesn't know CSS all that well going wtf at the list of CSS classes).




* with the next major code push. in theory, at least.

** the current version is unstable, which you probably have noticed if you've used it at all.

***By magic, preferably, but unfortunately that's not an option.


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