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I'm not sure if this is the best place for this, but I bet someone here has the relevant deep understanding.

Is there a way to vouch for Unicode characters as safe (or otherwise input them) in custom CSS? I'd like to use asterisms (\u2042) in a content: attribute as separators in my custom stylesheet, but the cleaner objects and removes the whole bunch of CSS due to suspect high bytes (whether I use the \u2042 as suggested in the spec, or the character ⁂, wrapped as CDATA or not).

Thanks for any insight you can share!
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My custom font style is being cleaned as suspect (too many bytes). I've tried linking it, adding an external sheet, and encoding in base64, but no dice. I know it's a big weight (74kb in base64), but it's only in ttf/woff, so Internet Explorer users won't dl it anyway. And I don't have a banner on the page, which could be vastly huger.

Is there a way to get an exception for fonts? Could I buy more space? Is there a sneaky way round it, does anyone know? It's not an obnoxious font! It's only for the titles... I'm whining here, I realise. *g*

update Answered: the culprit is the font smiley method. Use ordinary Irish method instead.


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