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A quick heads-up: We're about to adjust font sizes for some layouts.

We've been trying to make our layouts as accessible as possible, out-of-the-box. Too-small font sizes can cause issues for some viewers -- for users with low vision, or users using large screens with higher resolutions, for example -- so we'd like to make sure all our layouts respect the viewer's desired font size, rather than overriding their preferences.

We were able to do this for the majority of layouts, but we weren't always able to catch this especially with the earlier layouts. So we're going to fix this for the five remaining affected layouts: Bases, Blanket, Funky Circles, Sunday Morning, Transmogrified.

So what's going to change?

If you're using one of the layouts above, the font size for entries, etc, will likely become larger. We've tried to adjust the other font sizes (entry titles, journal titles), so that these are not super-huge in comparison to before, but some will likely also be larger than before.

If you're using one of the layouts above, but you have your own highly-customized styleseheet, and have the "use layout's stylesheet" option unchecked, then you won't see any difference at all.

ETA: If you've changed the font size, but not the font unit, you'll likely find that you have gigantic text. If that happens, you can switch your font size to 1em, or switch your font unit to px or pt, and then adjust to taste from there. You can also switch back to the old font size and units, as described below.

For reference, I'm noting all the font sizes that have changed below the cut. There are also instructions at the very bottom if you'd like to change back to the old (current) font size settings.

comparison of old to new font sizes )
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My custom font style is being cleaned as suspect (too many bytes). I've tried linking it, adding an external sheet, and encoding in base64, but no dice. I know it's a big weight (74kb in base64), but it's only in ttf/woff, so Internet Explorer users won't dl it anyway. And I don't have a banner on the page, which could be vastly huger.

Is there a way to get an exception for fonts? Could I buy more space? Is there a sneaky way round it, does anyone know? It's not an obnoxious font! It's only for the titles... I'm whining here, I realise. *g*

update Answered: the culprit is the font smiley method. Use ordinary Irish method instead.


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