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We have a brand new layout going out with the latest code push: Five AM by [personal profile] winterfish! Check it out. Theme makers will be sure to be making more themes for it soon!

The code push also brought out 73 other new themes, besides Five AM's Early Edition. They're all in the featured area of the Journal Selection Area.

I've also updated my prototype style browser to have all the layouts and themes--and it has a stats page, if you're curious.
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Good morning, Styles team!

At 7am, I had an epiphany. The largest complaint we hear at Dreamwidth is that we don't have enough good layouts. Well, we've had much less time to create our layouts than the competition, but that's not the issue; The problem is that not enough people have come forward to say what they want and how they want it placed. It's not even a matter of colors or design as much as where elements are on the page that people can't seem to get around. Colors and customization are easy, but positioning the elements fluidly so that they'll work for multiple users, and appear roughly the same on any monitor is very difficult. It's an even larger task to do this so that you can support some of the customization options on Dreamwidth - how many columns, where to place the metadata, etc.

I can make something look pretty, but positioning the elements fluidly so that they'll work for most people and still look the same is very difficult for me personally. It's why I don't submit things to styles (especially since I'm a fixed width girl), not that I wouldn't like to help elsewhere.

Might I suggest an entry or community for user submitted "paint layers"? More information right this way and an example! )
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I'm currently going through all layouts to see which ones have (potential) issues concerning non-default page layouts and module positions in Customize and I would appreciate some help because DW has 23 layouts and this is long and tedious and not really fun. :) To explain what I mean let me give you an example: in Bases, the Navigation module is always displayed in the header even when set to something else or to none. In Basic Boxes, the Navigation module is displayed incorrectly in Firefox when set to Group Two and the layout's two columns. See what I mean? I'm also interested in any possible improvements concerning page layouts and module positioning. For example, in Brittle, module settings are named Group One and Group Two in Customize which could be renamed to Sidebar/Footer for better clarity. Two-column-left may be easily implementable for this layout as well.

So it would be great if you could pick one or two layouts and test the options in Customize and report what you noticed (and what I missed!) here.

Here's what I've got so far )
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I originally posted these in my own account, but then I read about that "give a comm some love" thing and thought maybe I should post them somewhere. A very helpful and kind person on #dw_styles told me I should post them here!

So, re-posted from my journal: simple graphics showing the basic structure of all the default DW layouts. Due to many of the layouts having identical basic structures, these narrowed down to six groups. I hope these are somewhat useful to others! I made them for myself mainly so I could visually compare the basic structures of the different layouts, to figure out which one(s) I want to play around with further, or what I'd want to do with them.

Images under the cut )
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I know that DW is not going to supply language layers for users or its clones and children. But I've written one layout and adapted another one which had some user facing text. For both of those, following the current style guidelines, I just put the English text in the layout layer. But, I've been thinking about it a little more, and I am increasingly convinced that's the wrong move for two reasons.

(1) If those bits of text are properties in an i18n layer, then they can be changed in the wizard. Yay, customization for DW users!

(2) If a primarily non-English clone site picks up the style, they will be able to make the adjustment quickly, instead of digging deep into the CSS or HTML, looking for where the text string appears.

I can't figure out a compelling reason not to move these text strings out of the layout layer and into an i18n layer. Can someone point out the drawbacks to me?
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We're still going through old comments to add bugs into the ticket tracker, but there will be some top-level posts in between working on replies. I promise someone will get to everyone :)

With the last code push, a new style "Transmogrified" is now live. This layout was designed by [ profile] absolut for the LiveJournal Style Contest in 2005. Most of the legwork on getting it to work with core2 was done by [personal profile] dani_the_girl and [personal profile] draigwen, who have been working with [personal profile] afuna, [personal profile] av8rmike, [personal profile] jadelennox, [personal profile] liv and [personal profile] rich. This style has really gentle default colours, and is a great option to have. You can see it in action at [site community profile] dw_styles or Select it as your Journal Style.

With beta opening up, now's the ideal time to talk about more about "the styles overhaul." In order to ensure that Dreamwidth styles are more accessible, easier to write, and easier to update, a number of volunteers have been working together over the last few months to complete a significant overhaul of various styles and the core code that powers them. Until open-beta, our priority is working to ensure that core and individual styles are working as expected, and then after that, we'll be able to start adding new features. And, wow, are there ever a lot of features we're going to be able to add!

One of our goals is that users will never have to choose a style because of the functionality it offers. Instead, you can choose a style because you prefer the way that it lays out items on your journal. So, options like "put icons on the left side of each entry" would be a per-style option. But we think that options like "only display the mini-calendar on the Recent Items page" should be available on all styles, and style designers should never have to write new code to implement it.

The way we're accomplishing this is to remove these options from each individual style, make sure that the basics are working in each style, and then start adding awesome new features to core2. I know this means that things are a little sparse and frustrating during the beta process. But this is really going to help the long-term growth of the style-system and make it easier to update old styles and write new styles.

I also wanted to add a reminder that if you're moving S2 styles over from other LiveJournal-based sites, you probably want to use core1, because that version of core is (almost) the same and is more likely to produce expected results :)
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Hey guys, I'm just checking in. We've got a whole huge heap of changes getting made in this weekend, and there will be a series of posts to talk about them. In the meantime, here's some pointers as to where to get styles help:

If you are using Negatives and are having problems, that link is the best place to list them.

If you are using core2 and are having problems, the earlier post is a good place to leave a note.

Mark also committed a new style, Zesty. The styles team hasn't had a chance to look at it, and so it's not considered supported. If you're having problems with it, you can leave a comment here. Other users might have suggestions for how to resolve your problem, and if not, it's a central place to collect these issues for later investigation.
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For the last few months, one of the quiet projects that has been going on is an overhaul of the styles system on Dreamwidth. The styles system for LiveJournal code is mostly very powerful, but there are a number of problems associated with it. Most of these problems can only be fixed by breaking things first, which is what we've been doing.

Somewhat technical ramblings: )

What all this means:

If you aren't using a customized style, you may have noticed that the ugly and plain style you've been forced to use has now been replaced with a... still ugly and plain style, but one that has more functionality. This is our first draft of core2, the underlying code that is used to power all the other styles that are coming your way. We aim to have a stable building block with which to build other styles; styles won't have to create a lot of functionality from scratch each time.

The draft you're using doesn't have any wizard functionality, so you can't add headers or change background colours or make any of a million tweaks that will be standard. There will be features that you don't use that are showing up, that later you'll be able to remove them. And things that are ugly. But you guys all know this is beta :) So, please, poke at it, poke at journals, poke at communities, poke at syndicated feeds. If you're on the beta team, please follow your usual bug reporting procedures as per [personal profile] domtheknight. If you're not, please contact me (I like IRC) or [staff profile] denise for further instruction regarding any problems you find.

Current known issues (more edited in as reported):

  • ugly

  • No wizard

  • CSS incomplete

  • HTML not validated on all views

  • Two "tags" listings in sidebar - this is because one is to display multi-level tags. Multi-level tags are a change in display, only. Use : as a separator between words in your tags to make use of this feature.

  • openID user URLs in the sidebar overlap with the rest of the page text. Have to decide whether to make really wide sidebars, or do something else with the usernames.

  • On the Reading page sidebar, usernames are printed for users posting in communities, but not for users printing in their own journal.

  • On the Reading page sidebar, usernames are printed for users posting in communities, but not the community name.

  • On communities that you can manage tags, the "Manage Tags" link under the "Tags" modules will not appear, as S2 has no way of knowing who can manage tags.

  • On the month view, entries that have links will not work as expected. Instead, the HTML in the subject should be stripped and printed plain, and then linked to the entry.

  • The Month module shouldn't be displayed when viewing an openid's reading page

  • Unclosed h3 tag on the Day Page

Some example things to be expected:

  • You should be able to perform the same "user interactions menu" options on any journal page as you can on the profile page. This means adding and/or modifying your circle relationships, posting to a journal, and tracking entries. If you see something different, report it. If the text describing the action is incorrect, report it.

  • There are two linkbars for working on your entries, one for "edit entry, edit tags, add to memories, track this" and one for "x comments, leave a comment". Each link should only display to a user who can do that specific action. If you see something different, report it. If the action is describing the action is incorrect, report it.

  • etc, etc


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